Electronic Stethoscope

Amplification up to 18 times (24db) over traditional acoustic scopes. Patented piezopolymer film contact microphone for wider frequency response versus acoustic microphones used in competing models. Two frequency modes: bell (15-200Hz) for cardiac sounds and diaphragm (100-500Hz) for lung sounds. Eight-level volume control. Holds last mode and volume settings for convenience. Auto shut-off after three minutes for extended battery life. LCD display with mode, battery strength, and volume settings. Cardiology headset with large-bore stainless-steel binaurals. AdsoftTM Plus snap-on silicone eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal. Lightweight and compact, weighing less than 6 oz and measuring 30”. Lithium ion battery provides 20 hours continuous use (about 400 exams at three minutes per exam). Assembled, inspected, and packaged in the USA. Includes USB cord (for charging), scope ID tag, and spare. AdsoftTM Plus eartip

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